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Saturday Quotes: The Realists!

Yesterday’s blog was all about the dreamers. Today it is the time for all of you realists (like myself) out there.

Tune in tomorrow for an all new blog that includes an explanation on dreamers and realists.

Now go out and enjoy your Saturday night!


Three things I GOT this May 2014!

Normally on my monthly “three things” blog I mention three fantastic things I want (and normally would buy myself if I were not trying to get out of debt), but since May is home to my birthday I thought I would change it up and share with you all three things I got this May 2014:

1. A Seahawks Jersey…Finally!


P really does listen!  My hubby gave me a 12th man jersey (since I have always told him I don’t want a specific player’s jersey since I am not loyal to the players but loyal to the team).  He also personalized it with my last name on the back!  He got some serious “hubby points” that day!

2. A bouquet of the sweetest kind!


Not much of a flower girl, but I LOVE CHOCOLATE!  My mom and dad (though I have a feeling my mommy is the one that put it together…and yes a grown woman just called her mom “mommy”) gave me this bomb.com bouquet!  Loved this and love them!

3.  A beautiful way to tell time!


Egads!  Holy hair and porous skin Batman!  Nevermind the close up pic, but this gal always needs more time, and the only way to get more time is in the form of a watch!  My in-laws gave me this fabulous Fossil watch (love me some Fossil)!  I just love being their favorite daughter-in-law (by default, but I will take it)!  Love them too!

I also got jewelry, gift cards, candy, an ice cream maker, a crazy cat lady purse, a journal, one-of-a-kind necklace, home decor, a travel organizer, cupcakes, and money from my parents and both of my grandmas (who I always tell them they don’t need to give me any money but they continue to do so anyway).


The best gift I got for my birthday was all of the phone calls and texts and happy birthday voice mails from all of my loved ones.  I am one lucky girl!

Be back tomorrow,


A Little Game Called “Just The Tip”.

Hello All!

So how many of you struggle with eating out?  Okay, that sounds dirty.

Let me start over.

How many of you struggle with the tip?  How much?  How little?  Still sounds dirty.

One more time.

When receiving any sort of service from another person, what is the appropriate amount of money to give the person who has serviced you?  DAMMIT!

Let’s just make this as simple as possible.

How much is the appropriate amount to tip a server when dining out?

It is common knowledge that a 15% tip is the standard, but I have friends and family that tip 20%-25% without even batting an eye.  Am I the only diner that gets anxiety about tipping the appropriate amount and running through all kinds of variables to ultimately fill out the tip line on the bill?  Here is a few examples of some of the questions that race through my mind when tipping:

Was my drink constantly full or was I parched throughout my meal?

Did the food come at the appropriate time?

Did the server check in on us?

Did the server check in on us too much?

Did I have a great experience?

Was the server’s attitude that of awesomeness or a little douchey?

And the last question always is:

Does the server deserve a standard 15%, or a tad more or a tad less?

Side note:  Does the 15% tip include the total amount of the meal AND tax?   I always include the tax, but should I be?

I want to hear your thoughts on this.  So please comment below, or e-mail me @thefrugoal@gmail.com or share your tips about tipping on twitter @frugoal.

Thanks for reading and please, please, please give me your input.  Happy weekend and may the tipping forces be with you!



Adventures In Clearance Shopping: T.J. Maxx Edition

Howdy all!  I am trying to post more often to this blog so bare with me.  Some posts are going to be works of genius, but this isn’t one of them.  This post is a simple one.  A post about a girl who decided to do some spontaneous clearance shopping at one of my favorite stores:  T.J. Maxx.

There are definitely some pros and cons to clearance shopping.  Con:  Clearance shopping takes a lot of time and effort.  Pro:  You can find some GREAT deals and save some serious cash.  I happened to find two GREAT deals on my venture to T.J. Maxx in clearanceland that I would love to share with you all!

The first was a blue and black checkered number.  ImageWhat girl doesn’t need a Cosby sweater?  I can pair it with my skinny jeans that currently don’t fit at the moment (damn carbs) or my hypothetical black jeans that I don’t even own.  IMAG0527It really doesn’t matter if I don’t have pants to wear with it because I got it for…wait for it…on clearance for  $3.00. Yes please!

My next purchase came at the end of my shopping trip.  I happened upon a last chance clearance rack which looked very much “rode hard and put away wet” (if you catch my drift…wink...wink).  IMAG0525_1Buried in this ravaged rack of clothes was my best find in ages:  an adorable sweater dress.  Though a tad too short for me and my derriere to wear as a simple dress, I could still rock it as a top with the aforementioned ill fitting skinny jeans.  The price you ask?  A very affordable dollar.  One dollar!!!  Now that is one heck of a steal.

Once again, thank you so much for stopping by and please feel free to share any amazing deals you have found when clearance shopping/thrift store shopping/couponing, etc.!


Lessons Learned From A Half-Assed Blogger

This Saturday morning I came to a very simple realization:

I have been doing this blog half-assed.

In order to make this blog a true success I need to lead the charge with my full ass.  After all, what you get out of any aspect of your life is what you put into it.  Sure there are people out there who are given things, but I am not one of them (and I am sure you are not one either).

So here are my Saturday morning musings on making this blog better:

  • Start taking notes from the blogs that I love to read each week.
  • Incorporate more pics to make for a more aesthetically pleasing blog post.
  • WRITE MORE!  With a full-time job it is hard to get off my butt so I can walk into my office and go get on my butt in front of the computer and write.  There are a million thoughts running through this ten pound head of mine, so this is a fantastic forum to get these thoughts out of my head and into internetland. That’s it!  I just talked to myself into making a blogging schedule:  From now on I am writing Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Remember when Saturday mornings were all about watching cartoons versus beating yourself up about your blog?!  I miss those days…and Looney Tunes.

Do any of my fellow full-assed bloggers have tips for this gal?  Please share them in the comments below!

Happy Saturday morning all! Off to go find some cartoons on TV.

Thanks for reading,


Three things I want this February 2014!

My goal this year is to be credit card debt FREE!  Which means that this gal has sworn off all unnecessary retail therapy for 2014…but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t daydream about a couple of lovely items she would like to have someday.  Here are three things I am daydreaming about this month.

1.  A candle with some charm.


This is such a clever idea!  Everyone loves a candle, but these candles have a special surprise in the wax:  a piece of jewelry!  Once the candle starts burning, your special surprise is revealed with a retail value anywhere from $10.00 to $450.00.  Maybe my valentine will get me one for 2015.


2. Girls.


I am HBO-less but have heard nothing but great things about this show from friends and family.

3.  Another funny AND true shirt.


This shirt says it all!


Thanks for stopping by and indulging in my window shopping,


Three things I want this January 2014!

If you are one of my regular and faithful readers, you know that this girl is on a very strict budget for 2014.  If you are new to this blog…well howdy…and just to let you know:  I am on a very strict budget for 2014.  With that being stated, a girl can still look and romanticize about a few items she would buy if she weren’t on that strict aforementioned budget.  Here are three things I WANT this month.

1. A crazy cat lady shirt.

I want this shirt!  Who doesn’t love a shirt that is hilariously quirky?  Not to mention a conversation starter with other lovers of felines.


2.  Sad Keanu action figure.

This just makes me happy.  What began as a paparazzi photo of Mr. Reeves in a thoughtful moment at the park has turned into an action figure.  His action figure does such diverse things like sitting in your car and sitting on your kitchen table and even sitting on your desk.  Maybe someday I can splurge on a sad Keanu of my very own.


3.  An inappropriately delicious game!

Special thanks to my brother Mike and his lovely girlfriend Emily for bringing this game to the table (literally) for Christmas Eve festivities.  The best way to describe this game is that it is a very dirty and perverted version of Apples to Apples.  Our family had so much fun being dirty that we went through all of the cards in one sitting.  Highly recommend it to anyone out there who has no issue sinning and then laughing about it.


Those are my three things that I want this month (but I am not allowing myself to buy).  I did provide the links if any of you are interested in getting them for yourself or someone else.  Maybe a blogger who has a birthday in a few months.  Just sayin.

Thanks for reading!

A cat T-shirtless, sad Keanuless, and cards against humanityless Ang

The Twelve Dollars Of Christmas: Ninth Day

Having so much fun exchanging dollar store gifts with P for the 12 days of Christmas!  Hope all of you are enjoying the Christmas season as well.  Ninth day results are in:

My gift to P:


Dress socks!  Excuse the blurriness of the photo and the messy background.  Took this photo around 5 A.M. in the midst of wrapping Christmas presents.

P’s gift to me:


A scratch off ticket!  Didn’t win anything, but it was fun while it lasted!

Thanks for reading!


The Twelve Dollars Of Christmas: Eighth Day

The eighth day of our 12 dollars of Christmas challenge has come and gone so I better get to blogging about it. So here it goes:

My gift to P:

An Avengers towel!


Just add water.


P’s gift to me:


 Some foot powder just for me because apparently my “feet stink”.  Sure my feet stink, if “stink” now means smells like a unicorn in a field of roses.

Thanks for reading!


The Twelve Dollars Of Christmas: Sixth Day

Well there was definitely a theme to our sixth day of exchanging dollar store finds.  Let’s see if you can figure it out:

My gift to P:


A million dollar bar for a buck?!  Now that is one heck of a deal!

P’s gift to me:


A “gold” dollar chain…hmmmmmm.  Thanks.  I now have an accessory to rock when I make it as an awkward girl rapper by the name of “2%”  (because I’m milky white with some fat reduction).

Well the theme was pretty obvious:  Money!  Here is hoping for a very “frugoal” 2014!

Thanks for reading!