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End of summer bucket list

Summer’s days are officially numbered.  Doesn’t it seem like as an adult summer comes and goes in the blink of an eye? I don’t know about any of you but I haven’t done anything summery.  I wore shorts a few times, got drunk on tequila and margaritas once or twice (or thrice), and got a nasty sunburn but that is really it.  Next weekend is the last “hurrah” of the summer (also known as Labor Day Weekend ) so it is time to fit my entire summer into one weekend.

Here are a few things that I am putting on my end of summer bucket list:

  1. A day at the movies with Expendables 3.  the-expendables-3-10817-p-1380101003-970-75The Expendables franchise has become my favorite kind of summer movie.  An insane roster of action stars old and new(Jason Statham being one of them…yum) mixed with an exorbitant amount of action sequences and explosions and topped with dialogue so deliciously awful that the movie ends up being hilarious.
  2. tumblr_m6an2sCWkR1rz4ut7o1_500Eat a monstrous amount of ice cream.  I want to go to an ice cream shop and order a cone with as many scoops as they can give me.  Yes, I am trying to lose weight, but isn’t summer all about consuming large quantities of cold fat and sugar in the form of ice cream.  Double yum!
  3. Yard work.  You know that you are officially settled down when your idea of a nice weekend is getting yard work done.  Our yard is in such bad shape right now.  Let’s just say that Leatherface kept a better yard than we do. 3016628-poster-p-1-leatherface-speaks-chainsaw-massacre-star-revisits-sweltering-house-of-horror_0 Hmmm, maybe we should invest in a chainsaw?
  4. Clean out the garage.  The reasoning for this is the same as the yard work.  I know there are critters and mice out there, but it is time to deal with it.
  5. Take a dip in the lake.  Though I may not be able to squeeze into any  bathing suits after completing number 2 on my end of summer bucket list, I am still going for a swim dammit.

Bonus item.  download (5)Find a tractor and drive it!  All of the above 5 items are doable but you should always have an item on any bucket list that is a little bigger than the rest.  Even if I find a tractor I probably won’t be able to drive it, let alone have the keys to drive it (do tractors use keys?), but I am still putting this bonus item on my bucket list!

What do you have on your end of summer bucket list?

Thanks for stopping by and wish me luck on my quest for a tractor!


Two Documentaries To Watch On Netflix

It has been one week since we officially cut off our cable.  Being out of the loop on all of my favorite Bravo housewives has led me to do some serious soul searching on how to spend my free time.  Enter Netflix.  Over the weekend, while most of the country was out on a beach, I was beating the heat by watching two docs that I would love to share with you all:

1.  Somm.


My sister-in-law Kelsey (who happens to be a frequent reader of this blog…or at least she knows about it) recommended that P and I watch this documentary.  Insane!  It follows four gentlemen who happen to harbor the same passion/obsession:  To become a part of The Court of Master Sommeliers.  Seriously, you need to put this to your instant queue…oh, let me correct myself…it’s called “My list” now.  So put this on your “My List” and get to watching.

Can I also say how much I love watching people who are so unbelievable passionate about something?  I would give my left pinkie finger nail to be as passionate about something as these guys are about wine (though I do love my wine).

2.  Blackfish.


Most of you have probably already seen this documentary, but I am a gal who is always late to the party.  This documentary is done extremely well (or should I say whale *wink* *wink*).  It’s 83 minutes long and I spent half the time in tears and the other half riled up.

The documentary’s focus is on an orca named Tilikum who was involved in the deaths of three people.  This film puts a very hot spotlight on the captivity of killer whales for performance purposes. Is the documentary skewed? Yes.  Does it have a blatant agenda?  You betcha.  When this gal goes to San Diego this fall to visit her brother Mike and his girlfriend Emily (who also are huge fans of this blog…or read it occasionally) will she be going to SeaWorld?  That would be an affirmative NO.

So check out these docs and let me know what you think, or if you have already seen them let me know what you thought.

Have a great night and join me tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge.


This Freedom Friday Remember “Freedom Costs A Buck O’ Five”

On this Fourth of July I wish nothing but a happy holiday weekend to all my family, friends and to all of you reading this blog ( which is slightly redundant because most of the people reading this blog are my family and friends).

Enjoy some delicious barbeque, drink refreshing adult beverages (responsibly, of course), take a ton of pictures to capture the day-but for the love of God, please no “selfies”.

Me and Juju (my dog) started the day enjoying our freedom by going for a morning walk and defecating several times in the middle of the road (Juju, not me).  Ahhh, freedom!  Our evening plans include watching the fireworks at a casino with my parents, bro and sis-in-law.

I know, I know, the casino is a place I should definitely avoid but we are planning on bringing coolers and tailgating in the parking lot until the fireworks commence (maybe I will throw $20.00 in a machine and see what happens, it is Freedom Friday after all).

So on this July 4, I want to send you off with one of my favorite “freedom” songs, granted there really are not a whole lot of “freedom” songs to choose from.  The song is from “Team America”, which is one of my favorite  films featuring marionettes (again, not a lot of marionette films to choose from).

The song:  Freedom Isn’t Free.  It costs a buck o’ five

Enjoy, and catch me back here tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge


Fried Day!

It is Friday (a.k.a. my brain no want to thinky no mo’).

Despite my friedness on this Friday, I did want today’s blog to be a recommendation for any of you who have a little time to kill this weekend and have access to Netflix.  Watch:

Tiny_KeyArt-728x1024Tiny:  A Story About Living Small!

I initially put this on my instant queue a few weeks ago under the assumption that it was a documentary that I could relate to.  The name led me to believe that it was a documentary about the trials and tribulations of small chested women.  Women with A and B cups dealing with day-to-day life and the heartache of frequenting ladies’ nights at their local bars only to be rejected by men and have to ultimately pay for their own drinks.

I realized though, just a few minutes into this documentary, that Christopher Smith (the director and narrator of the film) was not a small chested woman at all, but in fact, a 30 year old man who decides to settle down, buy some land and build a teeny tiny house.  I won’t give away the rest of the documentary, or else why would you want to watch this flick?  Right?

This documentary really got me interested and slightly intrigued with the idea of living in a small house.  Picturing me and my husband, our dog and cat, mortgage-free in a 150 square foot space.  Living simply and having the entire outdoors as our living room.

Then I started thinking about the whole “toilet” situation.

More importantly the whole “what happens on the toilet” situation.

Most importantly the whole “what happens when my husband is using the toilet” situation.

Then the idea of sharing a 150 square foot space with my hubby lost all of its allure.

Ultimately, I DID really fall in love with the aspect of living more simply.  It has inspired me to start sorting through all of my clutter and “stuff” and stripping down my life to just the items I love and need.

Seriously, check out this documentary and let me know what you think.

See you tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging this summer challenge!

Just look at how excited this baby is about my challenge

51768182 (1)

This baby “memes” business (c’mon, now that is an adorable joke),


Valentine’s Day Deciphered

Valentine’s Day is here, and if you are in a relationship that means you will be receiving a gift or two from your honey.  The gift is great and all, but what is your sweetie really telling you this Valentine’s Day with the gift they give you?  Read on for some clarity.


  • Cards With Just Your Valentine’s Signature:  You are awesome as a friend but I don’t want to see you naked OR I’m just too lazy to write anything besides my name so now I definitely won’t see you naked.
  • Card With A Personalized Love Note: You are so very special to me.

Balloons:  You are just swell so let’s get silly and inhale this helium.


  • Cheap Chocolate:  I hate you.
  • Expensive Chocolate:  love you.


  • Homemade:  I love you and let’s run the risk of food poisoning so we can have an intimate night at home.
  • Restaurant:  love you and I love food, so why not make this a really delicious threesome in public?!


  • If You Get To Pick:  I would love to pick the movie, but I love you more.
  • If Your Valentine Picks:  I would love to pick the movie, so I will because I love me more.

Wine:  Drink up and let’s get naked before you pass out.

A stuffed animal holding a heart:  I forgot about Valentines Day until 10 minutes ago, so I picked this up at the gas station along with my 6-pack of beer AND I would really love to be single again and move back in with my Mom.

Lingerie:  I find you to be the most attractive person on this planet, now put this on so I can take it off.

Jewelry:  I am wooing the Fruit of the Looms off of you as we speak.


  • At Work:  I love you so much I want the whole world to know.
  • At Home:  I don’t have to tell the whole world how much I love because you already know.

Anything Not On This List:  Our love is not traditional, so why should my gift be?

Hope this gift guide helps and wishing everyone a very “love”ly Valentine’s Day!


Special thanks to Trish and Ally for helping me with ideas for this blog!  Thanks ladies!