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Got my mind on my money and my money on my mind

Sorry to all of you out there for my absence as of late.  P and I have slipped into bad habits with our finances once again.  Recently we have been spending WAY too much money on wants vs. needs and putting very little of our extra money towards  debt.

Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures:  Turning to youtube for inspiration.   It may be time to get  some tips from a few “musical artists”  on how to get my hands on some of this “money” that they all seem to have an endless supply of in their music videos.

1. 50 Cent’s “I Get Money”.  Surely “Fity” (am I saying that right?) will be able to share his wisdom of how he gets money and how I can too.

What in the f&*k was THAT?!  Fity didn’t say how he gets his money which won’t help me get mine.  He just keeps repeating the phrase “I run New York”.   As an awkward white girl from Idaho, I have no clue what that means.  The only tips he gave me were to have a baby with him and he would right me out a hefty child support check (tempting… but I don’t think I am his type) or to find a magical package of wonder bread filled with dough of the green variety.  Maybe I will have better luck with number 2.

2.  Abba’s “Money, Money, Money”.  I get Swedish people, so this should be helpful.

What WAS THAT?!?!  Though this video is slightly more relatable as Abba doesn’t proclaim that they “run Sweden”, and that they are just simply broke.  Their advice to increase one’s pocketbook:  Marry rich (which that ship has sailed as I already am married and my husband has this weird thing about “seeing other people”) or  win a jackpot in Vegas.  Hopefully luck will finally be a lady on number 3.

3.  Lil Wayne ft. T-Pain “Got Money”.  These two seem to have the secret to financial riches with the title of this song.

Okay, let me get this straight.  Lil Wayne wants me to rob a bank (which requires way too much planning for my lazy ass) and then he wants me to give ALL THE MONEY AWAY!!!! The only valuable lesson this video taught me is that I am officially old.  In the scene where Mr. Wayne in rapping by the door of the vault I just kept screaming in my head “TIE YOUR SHOELACE!”

Apparently my method of watching music videos to unlock the secret to getting rich was a gigantic FAIL.

Hope you are all having a more productive Thursday night than I am.


Turning Over A New Leaf

My 93 days of blogging challenge is dead and gone now.  I was a few blogs short but for the most part I posted a blog each day of the 93 days of summer.  Decided to ring in autumn by taking a week off of blogging but now I’m back baby.  The leaves are changing and so is my attitude about, well, everything.

182114378651621419SUAX0HOvcTime to get healthy in mind and body.

Time to start feeling appreciative for everything that I have.

Time to let go of the past and keep moving forward.

Time to silence the negative voice in my head and crank the volume on the positive thoughts instead.

Time to turn over a new leaf.

Much love to all of you that read this blog on a regular basis!  Got a LOT of projects planned for this fall and can’t wait to share them with you.


When Orville Met Nicki

I already posted this on my instagram and twitter but had to repost one last time for all of my blog readers.

When I came home from my Body & Soul class Thursday night I had the song Anaconda in my head so I decided to pull up the music video.

Midway through the song I heard my cat letting out a noise that very much emphasized the “Ow” in “meow” and this was his facial expression:

IMAG1052_1 (1)


I can see the terror in his eyes, can’t you?

He has been a total dick to me since…



Martin Lawrence Randomness

You know how sometimes someone pops into your head that you haven’t thought about in ages?  Then you can’t stop thinking about them and it starts driving you crazy?!

Well that person for me today was Martin Lawrence.  When I was a kid, I was obsessed with his show aptly titled “Martin”.   Today I have been asking everyone I have crossed paths with (all 6 of them) if they used to watch “Martin” too but kept getting the same response of


Not sure why Mr. Lawrence popped in my head today, but now I am staying up past my bedtime watching old clips of his show on youtube.  Am I crazy or does anyone else remember this hilarious show and Shanaynay and all of the Damn, Ginas?  Anyone?



My Wednesday

The-Office-GIFs-the-office-31947248-500-282Went to work and worked it!

Worked it out during my workout!


Walked the dogs but really the dogs walked me.

Worked my magic in the kitchen with a delicious  edible dinner (but what woman doesn’t set the fire alarm off and burns her hand while preparing a meal).


Writing this blog!

My Wednesday was pretty superb, how about yours?



Chasing The Zzzzzzs

Throughout my life I have suffered with bouts of insomnia.  It seems to come on the most when the seasons change.  Fall is fast approaching and my hourly sleep count is clocking in at around 4-5 hours a night…not healthy.  Looking for tips to help me sleep.  Help!!!  I did find this little visual online so I may try a few of these.



Looks like I need to work on numbers 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9…or just chug a bottle of wine before bed every night.

May you all get a better night’s sleep than I will.


Panic over paychecks

P started his new job this week.  With the job change, he now only gets paid once (vs. every two weeks at his old job) at the end of each month.  I also have a job where I get paid at the end of each month.  Even though our monthly income remains the same, we now have to really budget our money since it is all coming in at one time.

Panic sets in.




5 things I LOVE that are FREE!

No matter where you are at financially, there are free things aplenty in your life that bring you joy.

Here is my list of not 1, not 2…but 5 things I currently love that are FREE!

  1. Yoga cat 003Yoga.  Who knew that concentrating on something as simple as breathing could make you feel so good.
  2. Snuggles from my kitty.  He makes me feel like being a crazy cat lady isn’t that crazy after all.
  3. Candy Crush.  I am on level 167 without spending a penny.  I am always tempted to pay $0.99 and click the “play on” button but this girl has willpower (even if it means spending another couple of weeks on beating level 167).Funniest_Memes_that-moment-when-you-beat-the-candy-crush_18484
  4. Banter.  I prefer the witty, clever and racy variety, but ultimately any banter will do.
  5. Getting feedback on this blog.  Nothing makes me happier than knowing someone took time out of their day to read my lil ol’ blog.  I don’t just like it.  I LOVE IT!

So that is my list, what is yours?  Shoot me a comment below, and don’t forget to “like” my page (they have no “love” button option yet, sorry) on facebook.