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The Hunt for the Nude Beach!

After excessive spending over the last few weekends, P and I decided to have a frugal day. Hiking with the dog is the perfect opportunity to save money, enjoy the outdoors and get a workout in. Our day started off innocently enough by just enjoying some beautiful scenery:



IMAG0983 IMAG0997

Then we noticed the first sign of a nude beach and knew this would be one heck of an adventure!


Our hike just became a hunt for nudity!  Heck yes we followed the signs!

IMAG0992_1 IMAG0991

An hour in and no nudity in sight.  Damn.

Time for a break and a photo op with Juju:


Finally out of the woods we thought we spotted the promise land!

IMAG0994 (1)

But alas,  no nudity in sight and if there was, the only way to get down to the nude beach was a very steep hill and Juju was having none of that!


Our search for free nudity today was a bust but at least we got outdoors, took in some amazing fresh air and got to spend some quality time with our Juju bear!

Thanks for reading and meet me back here tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge!