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Frugoal Finds: The Anti-Fleece Fleece

So proud to introduce a new category to my blog called Frugoal Finds.  No applause please, you are embarrassing me. This category is intended to feature great deals and steals purchased with zeal!  The first item featured on Frugoal Finds is a saucy little number (and for all of you out there wondering, yes she is a natural redhead).


Her name:  Columbia.

Hometown:  Portland, Oregon (Sellwood Neighborhood).

Her turn ons:  Loves to snuggle and keep you warm at night.

Her turn offs:  Warm weather.

Original asking price:  $70.00

Say What?!?!

My mamma always told me retail is for suckers, and it is.

So how did I acquire Columbia, especially since I live several hundred miles away from Portland?  Enter Gina (friend/co-worker/walking buddy/hunter of bargains).  Gina was on her way to Portland for an extended weekend.  She made note of the fact that she would be visiting several outlet stores while in Portland, a Columbia Sportswear outlet being one of them.  I had an A-ha moment (not the Oprah kind, the 80’s Norwegian band kind).  “Take on me” had been in my head since lunch and my inner monologue went like this:

Gina just said she is going to a Columbia outlet store.  Shut up A-ha and your stupid, addictive song, but good golly it is catchy.  How did a band from Norway get it so right in the U.S.?  Well it is cold in Norway.  All they probably do is stay warm and write such delightful soul searching songs as “Take On Me”.  I bet they wore lots of fleeces.  I need a new fleece.  My old Columbia fleece is so worn out…wait a second.  Did Gina just say she is going to a Columbia outlet?  Did I just have an A-ha moment?

Finally back into the sanity of the real world and out of the craziness of my head, I asked Gina if she could please, please, pretty please pick up a small Columbia fleece for me, but only if she found a killer deal.  She agreed.  Since she is a hunter of bargains, she found, hunted and returned with her kill:  Columbia.

This is how she got Columbia for me at a killer deal:

  • Retail price:  $70.00
  • Outlet price:  $49.90
  • Initial markdown:  $34.99
  • Second markdown:  $29.98
  • Gina found Columbia on the 50% off rack
  • Gina spent over $100.00 on Columbia as well as other items which gave her (and me) an additional 20% off.

Final price for Columbia:  $11.99 (because Oregon has no sales tax…oh hecks yes!)

Frugoal Finds wants to thank:

  • Gina for bringing home Columbia for the low price of $11.99, because who doesn’t love a cheap ginger?
  • Everyone who didn’t snag Columbia when they had a chance.
  • And of course Norwegian 80’s sensation: A-ha!