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Sunday Quotes: Marriage

The last few months have very much been a roller coaster. Some very high highs and some very low lows. The best thing about all of it is that I have a pretty incredible partner to ride this roller coaster we call “life” with. Here is to celebrating  lifelong love!


Thanks for reading and see you back here tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge.


Mall Adventures: Part 2 Dames and Dragons

There are many a lovelorn folks on this planet who are searching for their soulmates. When at the mall yesterday I noticed something odd. The single ladies and the single men were never in the same place. Being successful in the business of dating is a lot like being successful in any business venture: Location, location, location.

IMAG1006_1When Alexis and I decided to make our hour happier and went to happy hour, Alexis pointed out to me that there were nothing but women.  Of course these women are all strangers to me, but  I am just going to go under the assumption that some of them were there to  find a man.  Lord knows that is what I did when I was single!

Singlehood.  Ahhh, back in the day when you would get dressed up, put your face on, get your hair did, find a shirt that shows off a little cleavage, or if you are of the small breasted variety, buy a push up bra, put in some chicken giblets and then put on a low cut shirt.  Then call up your girlfriends to go out, get your drink on and find a cute boy to flirt with.  A bar is normally where I would go back in the Stone Age when I was single.  Makes sense, but in 2014 where were all the single men?

Back to the present.  Lex and I decided to walk off our happy hour cocktails at the mall,  and just feet away I found exactly where all of the men were!  IMAG1011_1Again, I don’t know any of them but I am going to assume that a few of them…oh, who the hell am kidding…that all of them were single. They were sober and having their own version of happy hour by getting their dragons out of dungeons and gathering to conjure up some magic, or…playing some sort of game that went above my cabernet-influenced head.

Hmmm, now how do we get these single guys and dolls together?

Enter Ang’s brilliant business plan idea:  Dames and Dragons.  A bar/lounge that attracts women due to the booze and dim lights and attracts men due to the fact that they can get out of their mother’s house for the night  (I kid, I kid).  Picture this:  A place that hosts game nights that mainly men play as well as a place that serves fruity cocktails that mostly women drink.  Perfect match!  I think so.

Now the first question you may be thinking to yourself, “How do we get the sober “nerdy” men to approach the drunk women?”  Easy.  Offer the ladies a discount on their alcoholic beverages if they participate in game night.   Since most ladies have no clue how these games work, the ladies have to ask the gents questions.  Now, the second question you may be thinking is “But usually nerdy guys are really impatient with novices in nerd games no matter how pretty the girl and how big the boobies, how do we get them to want to play with women?”  Solution:  Offer the fellas a discount on their soda pop and garlic fries for having a co-ed (relatives don’t count) game table at their game night.

Dames and Dragons!  Pretty brilliant, but what do you guys think?



Date Night (Of The Old Married Couple Variety)

P and I went on our first date night in awhile.  We came up with…wait for it…dinner and a movie!  Super original, I know.  We had a $50.00 gift certificate to a local Italian joint and arrived at 5, but we didn’t make reservations and they were booked up until 8 (we may be in our 30s but we have the dining out habits of senior citizens).

We decided to forego eating past our bedtime and ventured to a Mexican place right next to the movie theater instead.  Meal was good, beer was better, and the conversation was always awesome (though I feel that P was offended when I told him that Jennifer Lawrence reminds me of a modern day version of Jennifer Grey).  Here are some pics from the dinner portion of our date:

IMAG0808IMAG0810_1 IMAG0812_1_1


And we were able to catch the early show of X-Men:  Days of Future Past (it was awesome,  and the reason Jennifer Lawrence was brought up at dinner).


Home  before 10, our old married couple date night is complete!

Have a great night and I will see you back here tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge this summer.







Three things I GOT this May 2014!

Normally on my monthly “three things” blog I mention three fantastic things I want (and normally would buy myself if I were not trying to get out of debt), but since May is home to my birthday I thought I would change it up and share with you all three things I got this May 2014:

1. A Seahawks Jersey…Finally!


P really does listen!  My hubby gave me a 12th man jersey (since I have always told him I don’t want a specific player’s jersey since I am not loyal to the players but loyal to the team).  He also personalized it with my last name on the back!  He got some serious “hubby points” that day!

2. A bouquet of the sweetest kind!


Not much of a flower girl, but I LOVE CHOCOLATE!  My mom and dad (though I have a feeling my mommy is the one that put it together…and yes a grown woman just called her mom “mommy”) gave me this bomb.com bouquet!  Loved this and love them!

3.  A beautiful way to tell time!


Egads!  Holy hair and porous skin Batman!  Nevermind the close up pic, but this gal always needs more time, and the only way to get more time is in the form of a watch!  My in-laws gave me this fabulous Fossil watch (love me some Fossil)!  I just love being their favorite daughter-in-law (by default, but I will take it)!  Love them too!

I also got jewelry, gift cards, candy, an ice cream maker, a crazy cat lady purse, a journal, one-of-a-kind necklace, home decor, a travel organizer, cupcakes, and money from my parents and both of my grandmas (who I always tell them they don’t need to give me any money but they continue to do so anyway).


The best gift I got for my birthday was all of the phone calls and texts and happy birthday voice mails from all of my loved ones.  I am one lucky girl!

Be back tomorrow,


Three things I want this February 2014!

My goal this year is to be credit card debt FREE!  Which means that this gal has sworn off all unnecessary retail therapy for 2014…but that doesn’t mean a girl can’t daydream about a couple of lovely items she would like to have someday.  Here are three things I am daydreaming about this month.

1.  A candle with some charm.


This is such a clever idea!  Everyone loves a candle, but these candles have a special surprise in the wax:  a piece of jewelry!  Once the candle starts burning, your special surprise is revealed with a retail value anywhere from $10.00 to $450.00.  Maybe my valentine will get me one for 2015.


2. Girls.


I am HBO-less but have heard nothing but great things about this show from friends and family.

3.  Another funny AND true shirt.


This shirt says it all!


Thanks for stopping by and indulging in my window shopping,


Valentine’s Day Deciphered

Valentine’s Day is here, and if you are in a relationship that means you will be receiving a gift or two from your honey.  The gift is great and all, but what is your sweetie really telling you this Valentine’s Day with the gift they give you?  Read on for some clarity.


  • Cards With Just Your Valentine’s Signature:  You are awesome as a friend but I don’t want to see you naked OR I’m just too lazy to write anything besides my name so now I definitely won’t see you naked.
  • Card With A Personalized Love Note: You are so very special to me.

Balloons:  You are just swell so let’s get silly and inhale this helium.


  • Cheap Chocolate:  I hate you.
  • Expensive Chocolate:  love you.


  • Homemade:  I love you and let’s run the risk of food poisoning so we can have an intimate night at home.
  • Restaurant:  love you and I love food, so why not make this a really delicious threesome in public?!


  • If You Get To Pick:  I would love to pick the movie, but I love you more.
  • If Your Valentine Picks:  I would love to pick the movie, so I will because I love me more.

Wine:  Drink up and let’s get naked before you pass out.

A stuffed animal holding a heart:  I forgot about Valentines Day until 10 minutes ago, so I picked this up at the gas station along with my 6-pack of beer AND I would really love to be single again and move back in with my Mom.

Lingerie:  I find you to be the most attractive person on this planet, now put this on so I can take it off.

Jewelry:  I am wooing the Fruit of the Looms off of you as we speak.


  • At Work:  I love you so much I want the whole world to know.
  • At Home:  I don’t have to tell the whole world how much I love because you already know.

Anything Not On This List:  Our love is not traditional, so why should my gift be?

Hope this gift guide helps and wishing everyone a very “love”ly Valentine’s Day!


Special thanks to Trish and Ally for helping me with ideas for this blog!  Thanks ladies!

I NEED YOU (and may or may not steal your ideas)

Yes…you!!  I want to start a new category to my blog about date nights for 2 under $30.00.  My great friend Jossette (jossetteholland) suggested I make it $50.00, but that would be too easy.  This blog is about saving money and going that extra mile in getting out of debt a little faster so let’s make it a tad more challenging with dates for 2 for $30.00.  It can be a date night with your mom, dad, friend, spouse, lover, or cat.  Whatever suits your fancy…or in the case of a date night with your cat: Fancy Feast (because Fancy Feast is a brand of cat food…get it…nevermind).  I have a few ideas, but the more brains that storm the better!  I will of course give credit where credit is due and if I choose your idea it will be blogged about and you and your amazeballs idea will be mentioned (if you also blog, I will have to give your blog a shout out as well…unless I don’t like your blog, then shout out will be revoked).  Extra credit if you come up with specific ideas in the good ole U.S.A (and bonus points if it is in the Eastern Washington/North Idaho area where this blogger may or may not be from).

Comment below with your ideas and input, e-mail me @ thefrugoal@gmail.com, tweet me @frugoal, or if you are reading this on my facebook leave a comment for me (pretty please with bacon on top…because quite frankly sugar and sprinkles are overrated)!

Also I just wanted to thank everyone who takes time out of their busy lives to read this blog!  I LOVE hearing from all of my family, friends and fellow folks who reside in this wordpress blogosphere!  People are not only reading the blog, but actually liking it (which is so fantabulous) and constantly coming up to me in person or leaving comments on this blog about their own experiences with debt and how they got out of it or are in the process of trying to get out of it (like me).  Thanks a million!  I also have been nominated for 3 blog awards, which I will write about in a later post, so again…thank you all!!!

Grandma is getting hitched and I go dress shopping!

Yes, you read that correctly, my Grandma Barb is finally marrying her long time love Woody (Oh God, get your mind out of the gutter, Woody is his nickname…geez)!  They have been living in sin for years now and are making it official at the end of this month.  It really is a cute story of how they got together.  My grandparents knew Woody and his wife for years and would encounter each other every now and then at social events.  My Grandpa passed away, and Woody’s wife passed shortly after that…sad and not the cute part of the story.  My Grandma was lonely, Woody was lonely…also sad and also not the cute part of the story.  Fate sort of brought my Grandma and Woody back together.  Two lonely hearts who reconnected and became friends who socialized within the same circle of seniors.  Then (finally the cute part of the story) BAM, New Year’s Eve hits and their eyes meet, and friends became lovers…happy!  Wait a sec, forgot I was writing about my Grandma and soon-to-be Grandpa …shudder…let’s move on to the dress shopping portion of this post.  

So my Grandma is getting married  and the wedding is hawaiian themed.  This means I have to find a tropical dress to wear (always an anxiety producing activity).  My Grandma also asked me to sing for her wedding (honored, but now “the dress” stakes have been raised).  Oh wait, my Grandma then tells me she wants me to perform a duet with my cousin Megan.  Oh S*#T!  My cousin Megan who is 10 years younger, “The Megan” who is ten times hotter, and “The Megan” who is ten thousand times tanner than me!  I have to look good now.  Really, really, really good.  Not competing with a 20-year-old good (there is no doubt that her cleavage will be the star of our duet), but classy and beautiful good.  I don’t want to be singing in front of a hundred people looking like a homeless person (my everyday attire by the way) with a Victoria’s Secret model, with 20-year-old cleavage right next to me.  Now that you know what my mission is please choose to accept it and let’s go dress shopping:

First stop, Nordstrom Rack.  My Mom went with me (because moms always let you know if you look good or bad in something) and we both had heard such good things about this store.  We went over to the clearance section and looked at the first price tag…say what?!?!  More like Nordstrom “Rack”et!  Some of these dresses were on clearance for hundreds of dollars.  I looked at the price of one dress I thought was delightful and it was $165.00 marked down from $500.00.  Who are these people who can afford a dress that costs that much?  I want to meet them and make friends with them because if they have that kind of money to blow on one piece of clothing then they probably have a boat, a big boat.  Being on a boat, a big boat, sounds pretty amazeballs right now!  There I go veering off topic again.  Well I did find a cute dress, one that wouldn’t work for the wedding, but I could wear to various holiday functions.  Marked down from $118.00, this little red number cost $34.97 (plus tax of course).


Under $40.00 (sweet) but the dress stress ensues.

We then hit up Old Navy and T.J. Maxx (definitely more like our type of peeps) but found nothing.

My Mom then suggested Sears.  Who shops at Sears?  Well no one shops at Sears which is why they have so much clearance stuff (including dresses)…JACKPOT!  After hunting the clearance/sales racks I found two dresses, both originally $70.00, marked down to $30.00.  Awesome!

This one I loved because it was very becoming to my two “uts”.  You guys and girls know what the two “uts” are, don’t you?  The two “uts” I am referring to are my butt and my gut (and yes I am aware that one utt has two t’s and the other ut has one, but two “uts” is catchier).


This one is the most tropical out of the dresses I bought AND has butterflies (my Grandma’s lifetime obsession with butterflies has taken over her house).  PERFECT!  The color even makes me look a little tan and it gives my two “uts” a little more room to breathe so I can eat and drink the day of the wedding!

IMAG0028_1 - Copy

So what do you guys think…butterfly dress?!  I’m thinking I am saying yes to this dress!

Please comment below (you know I love them), e-mail me @thefrugoal@gmail.com, or tweet me @frugoal!