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A bar fly named Tick

This is why I don’t go out to bars nearly as much as I used to.

Small talk is not my forte and drunk people are not my favorite company when I only have a slight buzz from my one allotted cocktail for the night.

barflyEnter the man who calls himself Tick.

My husband left for just a few minutes but that was enough time to get Tick talking to me.

I learned he owns an ATV.

He is a local.

Ends up he knows my Dad, went to school with my Uncle and was a regular at the bar my Grandpa and Grandma owned for years.

His real name is Darin. His sister called him Tick ever since he was a baby. He said the name just stuck.

A name like “Tick” sticking around.

Sounds about right to me.

Tick was a nice enough fella, but this gal prefers a night at home with a good book and a glass of wine.