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A Cheap Masseuse That Guarantees Happy Spendings

I have a desk job.  Forty hours a week I sit, I read, and because of this my back is all kinds of whack.  For anyone else reading this who also sits on their derriere for a living, you get where I am coming from.

My back constantly screams at me:  GET ME A MASSAGE WOMAN!  Well, my back doesn’t balance the checkbook nor pay the bills.  A massage (thought amazing and reasonably priced at some places) is still a luxury for me.  Make no mistake, massages are the bomb diggity (God, could I get any sadder or whiter for using the phrase “bomb diggity”) and it is always nice to have someone touching me other than my husband (I kid, I kid). Alas, I never get massages because the money I would spend on one could go towards paying bills and paying down debt.

Enter the cheapest masseuse a guy/gal could ever ask for (and it will cost you practically nothing):



A tennis ball!   Normally I am not a gal who enjoys balls on my back but this is an exception.  You can use it standing up or sitting at your desk at work (like I do).  I just place it at whatever spot on my back needs some good loving and press up against my chair and instant massage.

Before trying this, there are three recommendations I would like to give you:

  1. Try the shoulder area, lower back and around the shoulder blades.  Pure bliss.
  2. If trying this at work and around co-workers, be prepared for some looks. You WILL make questionable faces because it feels so wrong yet oddly right at the same time.
  3. Don’t try this at work.  Avoid the judgement.

Hope this helps out a few of you fellow paper pushers.

Before ending this post, I do have to say that everyone deserves the luxury of a massage every once in awhile.  The tennis ball is just to get you through the time frame in between the “once” to “awhile”.  Two of my best friends are massage therapists and they do magic with their hands.

My bestie Kimberly works in the great state of Texas:


My bestie Melissa works in the great state of Idaho:


I hope everyone has a safe but stupidly fun Memorial Day weekend and a special thank you to all of the veterans out there!