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Debt UPdate

Adulting.  Why did I not relish in the glory of being a child as much as I should have?  Why didn’t I take more naps?  Draw on more walls with crayons?  Eat more dirt?adult-life

Don’t get me wrong, there are plenty of amazing things about being an adult!  You can go to bed whenever you want and even spoil your appetite before dinner.  Hell, you can have ice cream for supper if that tickles your fancy.

However, all of the luxuries of being an adult are outweighed by the one cruel reality that comes with living on your own:


It is ALWAYS something!  Every time I feel like P and I are getting a handle on our debt and we are starting to make progress in the road to one day being DEBT FREE …

Cue joyful Whoopi gif

life throws in a speed bump, then a pothole, and finally just for shits and giggles one heck of a financial detour.

Followed by discouraged Whoopi

Let me preface this rant by just stating a few things.  I’m so incredibly lucky.  Everyone is healthy, I am 33 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby that I can’t wait to meet in mere weeks, and we have a roof over our heads, a bed to sleep in and bellies full of food.  Life for the most part is amazing…

BUT why does there always have to be a BUT?

When we found out I was pregnant we had been trying for years.  We had definitely planned for the extra finances that a baby requires.  We also bought (ok, we actually financed) a new vehicle that was safer and more family friendly for myself and baby.  We crunched the numbers and an extra car payment could squeeze into our budget.


The reality of your computer’s motherboard dying isn’t nearly as stylish as when it happened to Carrie in Sex and the City

Then my husband’s computer crapped out (his motherboard died). It was 8 years old (which is like 150 in computer years) and he works in IT and has to have a top notch computer in order to do his job.  Well, a top notch computer is expensive.  P built it himself with all the bells and whistles.  Let’s just say it’s black with red components (he was going for a Darth Vader theme ) and the red LED lights he placed in his new computer now make our office look like a XXX store.  It was definitely an expense (not to mention office decor) that was unexpected for me.  We ended up having to finance it.  Boo. On the upside we were able to get 12 months no interest, but still its an extra monthly payment that we were not planning on this year.

Then a few weeks later P’s Jeep decided that it was sick and needed to go see the Jeep doc.  That damn Jeep racks up more medical bills then any other Jeep I know.  Then the following week, my old Jetta decided it also wasn’t feeling well and racked up another bill 4 times over what the Jeep bill was!!!!


So in a nutshell, our debt is back to where it was last year.  All the progress we made is now back to square one.



I’m discovering that all of the bills, the stress, the responsibility, and the unexpected twists and turns are just a part of being an adult.  Time to put my big girl pants on (and oh, how BIG my pants have gotten) shake it off and start all over again tomorrow with a big girl panty attitude!


Til next time,


Panic over paychecks

P started his new job this week.  With the job change, he now only gets paid once (vs. every two weeks at his old job) at the end of each month.  I also have a job where I get paid at the end of each month.  Even though our monthly income remains the same, we now have to really budget our money since it is all coming in at one time.

Panic sets in.




Not A Good Hump

Yesterday was Wednesday. Hump day. I was one hot mess in distress.

I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me preface this by saying that I drink very little anymore. My body is typically a lean, mean, sober machine unless my brothers are in town.  My brother Mike is in from San Diego.  His personality matches the So Cal lifestyle.  Easy and breezy.  He just always seems to be having a good time, and his personality draws you in where you want to have a good time with him.

The night started off good enough.  P and myself met up with my parents and Mike for some BBQ at a joint called “Famous Willies Barbecue”.  This place is covered with pictures of famous people named Willie.  Willie Wonka and Willie Nelson were represented, along with Will Smith (Mike’s favorite) and Free Willy (my personal fave).  Conversation was light and so was my weight when it came to me drinking.  Two Blue Moons in I was already buzzing…bad.


My parents left before the three of us did (we were still working on our second beers) and we were supposed to head directly to their house to play some games.  But see, there was a bar with the ever so classy name of “Club Tequila” between the BBQ place and my parents house.  We made the ill fated decision to stop on in for a shot of happiness.  Greeted by a bartender with a midriff baring top, belly chain and the shortest sequined skirt I have ever seen, sober Ang would have questioned why she was there, but Blue Moon buzzed Ang felt like this was home.  I hate Blue Moon buzzed Ang.

We had a shot, then followed it with another drink.  We eventually ended up back at my parents house.  There I switched up to a big bottle of Zima that had been living in my parent’s fridge since 2006.

I was a mess.  Started crying (God, drunk cries are the worst)!  Then it was time for my husband to take me home.

I ended up raiding the fridge last night and I fell asleep while I was in the midst of eating a hot pocket.

When I woke up this morning I felt awful in all aspects.  I drink to deal with life’s lemons.  I’m trying my best to make lemonade with these lemons but I think I am adding too much booze.

Thanks for reading this post.  It doesn’t paint me in the best light, but the entire reason I started this blog was to be honest with not only my readers but with myself.


Saturday Quotes: The Realists!

Yesterday’s blog was all about the dreamers. Today it is the time for all of you realists (like myself) out there.

Tune in tomorrow for an all new blog that includes an explanation on dreamers and realists.

Now go out and enjoy your Saturday night!


Too Hot for Thought

Too hot to be funny.

Or witty.

Or clever.

Too hot to sit.

Or type.

Or blog.

But I said I would post a new blog every day for 93 days of blogging this summer, so here is my blog:  An adorable pic of my cat!


I phoned this blog in folks, but I promise tomorrow’s blog will be one for the ages!


A Good Hump

Today was a very lovely hump…hump day that is (c’mon, I had to come up with a catchy title to lure you to my blog). Normally Wednesdays can be a real drag, but today no drag was had.

The sunrise was gorgeous. Tried to capture it on my phone but my pic did no justice to the beauty that is mother nature. It was like a fireball in the sky this morning.


Normally nothing in my husband’s pants is a surprise anymore, but when I was cleaning out his pockets before throwing his jeans in the wash I found $16.00. Jackpot! I consider it a tip for all of the laundry I do for him. Now watch, once I post this blog and he reads it he will want his $16.00 back.  Guaranteed.

Work was good. My only regret from my workday is when a gentleman called to get a number and when I gave it to him he asked me to repeat it and said “You are too quick for me” it took everything in me to not say “That’s what she said”. I should have said it, life is too short for censoring a good “That’s what she said” comeback.

My friend Gina gave me another tomato plant to kill…errrr…I mean grow. Love ya Gina.

I got to work out for 2 full hours today. Haven’t had the time to do that in awhile. So grateful for the opportunity to focus on some “me” time.

Now I am at home with both of my furry babies at my feet.

Good hump day (now let’s do it again next week).

Thanks for reading my pseudo-diaryish post and see you back here tomorrow for an all new blog in my 93 days of blogging this summer.


Two Documentaries To Watch On Netflix

It has been one week since we officially cut off our cable.  Being out of the loop on all of my favorite Bravo housewives has led me to do some serious soul searching on how to spend my free time.  Enter Netflix.  Over the weekend, while most of the country was out on a beach, I was beating the heat by watching two docs that I would love to share with you all:

1.  Somm.


My sister-in-law Kelsey (who happens to be a frequent reader of this blog…or at least she knows about it) recommended that P and I watch this documentary.  Insane!  It follows four gentlemen who happen to harbor the same passion/obsession:  To become a part of The Court of Master Sommeliers.  Seriously, you need to put this to your instant queue…oh, let me correct myself…it’s called “My list” now.  So put this on your “My List” and get to watching.

Can I also say how much I love watching people who are so unbelievable passionate about something?  I would give my left pinkie finger nail to be as passionate about something as these guys are about wine (though I do love my wine).

2.  Blackfish.


Most of you have probably already seen this documentary, but I am a gal who is always late to the party.  This documentary is done extremely well (or should I say whale *wink* *wink*).  It’s 83 minutes long and I spent half the time in tears and the other half riled up.

The documentary’s focus is on an orca named Tilikum who was involved in the deaths of three people.  This film puts a very hot spotlight on the captivity of killer whales for performance purposes. Is the documentary skewed? Yes.  Does it have a blatant agenda?  You betcha.  When this gal goes to San Diego this fall to visit her brother Mike and his girlfriend Emily (who also are huge fans of this blog…or read it occasionally) will she be going to SeaWorld?  That would be an affirmative NO.

So check out these docs and let me know what you think, or if you have already seen them let me know what you thought.

Have a great night and join me tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge.


Sunday Quotes: Loving the skin you’re in

It is one beautiful Sunday in my neck of the woods. Hope you are having a lovely Sunday as well.  This week I really need to focus on being slightly less self-deprecating and slightly more appreciative of this fabulous woman that I am becoming.

Happy Sunday!  Now go out and be your best self this week!


Why bloggers blog (i.e., a safe place to rant)

52330315Why does one start a blog?

Good question. Glad I asked it.

I suppose there are some bloggers who want to share their works of fiction and poetry. There are some who want to share their love of travel and the arts and photography. Then there are some bloggers, like myself, who need a safe place to rant.

A blog really is the only decent place where one can rant anymore.

The original stomping ground of a good rant was at your local watering hole. But then alcohol happens, which leads to drunken calls, more drinking, follow up drunken texts, more drinking,  and an insanely high tab at the end of the night. Not the best place for a rant (especially for a drunk white girl with a very low tolerance for alcohol and a very high tolerance for drama).

Enter facebook. Ranting would seem to be a perfect fit here, but perfect it is not. I used to love facebook rants but now it seems facebook brings the drama more than a passed out girl who drank 3 wine spritzers at the bar.

If you post something political, people are going to comment on it. If you post something religious, people are going to comment on it. If you post some family drama, you best believe people are going to comment on it.  If you share one of my blogs…well… actually that would be the one time where you would hear crickets on a social media outlet.

Lastly, on facebook you have to watch every little thing you say  because EVERYONE has a facebook. Family, friends, co-workers, frenemies, and bosses. You specifically can’t name names because that person will see it, and isn’t the point of a good old-fashioned rant to name names?

Why not twitter?  Well twitter limits you to only 140 characters.  Who can produce an all-inclusive and concise rant in 140 characters?!  Me thinks no one (but if anyone is up to the challenge tweet me your rant @frugoal).

So naturally a blog is the safest of safe places for a rant.  Blogs are a bit passe, which translates to a beautiful place to air one’s grievancesI This blogger definitely has a few grievances to air, but ranting about ranting oddly made all of my “ranting” needs go buh bye.

Thanks for stopping by and if you want to rant go ahead and leave a comment below!

Tune in tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge happening all summer long (don’t question the hashtag, just accept it and move on).


This Freedom Friday Remember “Freedom Costs A Buck O’ Five”

On this Fourth of July I wish nothing but a happy holiday weekend to all my family, friends and to all of you reading this blog ( which is slightly redundant because most of the people reading this blog are my family and friends).

Enjoy some delicious barbeque, drink refreshing adult beverages (responsibly, of course), take a ton of pictures to capture the day-but for the love of God, please no “selfies”.

Me and Juju (my dog) started the day enjoying our freedom by going for a morning walk and defecating several times in the middle of the road (Juju, not me).  Ahhh, freedom!  Our evening plans include watching the fireworks at a casino with my parents, bro and sis-in-law.

I know, I know, the casino is a place I should definitely avoid but we are planning on bringing coolers and tailgating in the parking lot until the fireworks commence (maybe I will throw $20.00 in a machine and see what happens, it is Freedom Friday after all).

So on this July 4, I want to send you off with one of my favorite “freedom” songs, granted there really are not a whole lot of “freedom” songs to choose from.  The song is from “Team America”, which is one of my favorite  films featuring marionettes (again, not a lot of marionette films to choose from).

The song:  Freedom Isn’t Free.  It costs a buck o’ five

Enjoy, and catch me back here tomorrow for an all new blog in my #93daysofblogging challenge