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When Orville Met Nicki

I already posted this on my instagram and twitter but had to repost one last time for all of my blog readers.

When I came home from my Body & Soul class Thursday night I had the song Anaconda in my head so I decided to pull up the music video.

Midway through the song I heard my cat letting out a noise that very much emphasized the “Ow” in “meow” and this was his facial expression:

IMAG1052_1 (1)


I can see the terror in his eyes, can’t you?

He has been a total dick to me since…



#ALS Ice bucket challenge: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

If you don’t know what the ALS ice bucket challenge is, you are officially living under a rock or you don’t have  access to social media.  My friend Angie challenged me and P to participate BUT I am going to opt out (I do love ya though Angie).  Even though I am not participating, I still want to encourage others to join in on the challenge and keep raising awareness.

To learn more about this disease visit:


And if you want to donate :


Now I would love to share my fave ALS ice bucket challenges around the web.

Kermit the Frog’s wins “Most Adorable”

Donatella Versace wins “Most Overdone” and “Most in need of Subtitles”

Patrick Stewart wins “Most Divinely Clever”

Bill Gates wins “Most likable Billionaire”

SJP wins “Safest Wardrobe Choice” (I am disappointed in you Ms. Parker)

And the rest of us normal folks win “Most Real” (special thanks to Ashok Gamer for putting this compilation together)

Thanks for the visit and see you back here tomorrow for an all new blog,


This is what happens when you are bored and online…

Last night I found myself going down the dark hole that is the internet.  It always starts off innocently enough.  328927_working_with_laptop_3You google or youtube a song that your friend told you “you have to hear” or an article that is a “must read” and then once we are online to listen to said song or to read said article our fingers start to type what our mind is randomly thinking about at the moment.  Next thing you know you are watching cat videos and your life is officially sad…

Back to last night.  I stumbled upon a way to save time.  Major time.  We all love TV and have oodles of shows that we would love to see but just can’t seem to find the time for.

The solution to this problem:  Just youtube the finale.  You know how the show ends without committing to hours upon hours of binge watching.  Okay, sure you lose the connection to the characters and the storyline, but you get to save an insane amount of time to do more productive things like hang out with your family, friends and write a blog that tens of people read.

Here are a few shows that I would have loved to watch but no longer have to:

Six Feet Under


The Sopranos

Some of you make be thinking that this is the worst idea ever, but this is what happens when you are bored and online.

Until tomorrow,


P.S. What the hell!  I am even going to add a poll to this blog to see if anyone besides me thinks this is a genius idea.