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The Twelve Dollars Of Christmas: Second Day

Hello all!  Hope you are enjoying the holiday season so far.  P and I had our second gift exchange last night (for those of you that don’t know we are celebrating the twelve days of Christmas by giving gifts from The Dollar Store).  Instead of 2 turtle doves this is what we ended up with:

My gift to P:


A hardback self-help book from Bob Greene.  For those of you that don’t know, Bob Greene is the one who helped Oprah lose weight…again…and again. Like most of us, one of P’s New Year’s resolutions is to drop some lbs. next year.  Who knew I could find such a helpful book for a buck?

P’s gift to me:


A celebrity word find book…volume 62!  Score!!  Though I do not have volumes 1 through 61, I think I will be able to follow what is going on.  Definitely taking this with me the next time I travel.  Extra bonus:  Mariah Carey is on the cover!

Thanks for reading and stop by again tomorrow!


Fast Food Fast: The Conclusion…Of The Beginning

In case you are new to this blog (welcome back to those that are old to it) I started the month of September with the intention of doing a fast food fast for one month.

You can read all about it here:


And here:


If you don’t want to read my awesome aforementioned posts (if you have already read them may I just write in all caps YOU ROCK), here is the gist:  No fast food, no booze, no pop and no junk food (unless I make it myself) during the month of September.  The ultimate goal for the 30 days: To save some money and maybe lose a few pounds.

Now if you have a calendar nearby you will notice it is October 2.  The 30 day challenge has left the building.  Did I cheat?  What were the results? Am I currently downing a vodka and coke as I am writing this blog post?

Whoa, whoa, whoa!  One thing at a time people.  Let’s begin with the whole cheating thing.  Yes.  Okay, I admit it.  I cheated with a coke here, some ginger ale there and I did have a few ounces of wine, some snickers may have sneaked in and can I just exclaim in a melodramatic fashion “DAMN YOU SUBWAY!  DAMN YOU AND YOUR SUBTEMBER!”  With all that being said, or rather written, I am still pretty dang proud of myself.  I could have listened to my inner voice like I had so many times before when she said to me:  “Good going Ang.  You sabotaged yourself and your diet so you might as well go crazy.  Go to McDonald’s.  Go drink a beer.  Go buy yourself a king size Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and Reese’s Pieces”.  This fast food fast was different.  This time I told that inner voice to “go scratch” (terminology I learned from watching Real Housewives Of New Jersey) and didn’t give in.  I stayed away from McDonald’s fries (my weakness), though I did ask to smell my friend/fellow co-worker’s McD’s fries, and she let me (thanks Sue!).  I even went out to the bar with friends a few nights and I sipped on club soda with a lime.  I didn’t let the fact that I slipped a little be an excuse to go off the rails, which was pretty empowering.

The next burning question on your minds I’m sure:  What were the results?

Even though I didn’t follow my rules to a T and had a few setbacks, there are some definite positives to doing this fast food fast.  Here is the list:

1.  I am down 6 pounds!

2.  My skin is clearer and soft as a baby’s bottom.

3.  My mind is clearer.  I’m pretty sure there are some brain cells that have started to rejuvenate themselves.

4.  The liver is living again.

5.  Saved money…a lot.  Especially by not drinking.  I haven’t crunched the actual total, but the rough estimate is close to $300.00.  No wonder mormons can afford so many kids!

Lastly, am I back to boozing and cruising the drive-thru lanes now that it is October?  The answer:  Heck  to the No.  Finally starting to feel better and who knows?  Maybe I can drop some more lbs. and save more money.

So now that I have answered all of your questions that I thought you would pose to me, I now have one question for you:  Who wants to do this with me?  If you don’t think you can do a whole month, start with just a week, or even just a weekend.  Your wallet will get fatter and your waistline will get smaller.  Anyone?

As always, thank you for stopping by and I love hearing from you so leave a comment below, or e-mail me: thefrugoal.gmail.com, or my twitter handle is @frugoal.

Thanks again!


Fast Food Fast Episode I: A Kernel of Hope

A not so long time ago in a galaxy not that far away…


Episode I


Financial turmoil has engulfed this girl’s republic by way of fast food and booze.  Her and her bank balance are in dispute.

Hoping to resolve the matter with one month of deadly will power, she has decided to stop any junk food and alcohol from entering her planet.

While temptation threatens to destroy her progress, a kernel of hope is on it’s way to settle the conflict….

It has been 9 days since my fast food fast has begun.  If you don’t know the hell…errrr I mean challenge I signed up for, please click to read the previous post:


To sum up:  no junk, no booze, and no fun.  When am I supposed to feel better?  I hope soon.  I must admit I had a few french fries (though not at a fast food place) and I did have a diet pop at a bar.  Temptation is everywhere though.  Between work and being in the midst of a play, fast food (and a drink or 2) is a very tempting option.  I just want a beer…9 days without a damn beer has this gal feeling parched.  It doesn’t help that just today my brother sent me a pic of a beer with the caption “Such a refreshing beverage after a rough day”.  

As for the money saving aspect of this venture…jury is still out.

The worst part about these 9 days (TMI portion of the blog) PMS has struck.  To every woman PMS means something different.  Some women experience mild mood swings, bloating, and cramping.  Personally, PMS means two things:  1) I watch Snapped marathons and take the side of the women who offed their husbands, and 2) I WANT SALT.  Seriously PMS might as well be short for Pour More Salt.  I have poured salt on oatmeal, salt on avocado, and saturated my beer with salt (oh beer how I miss you).  These first 9 days have been rough.

There have been a few silver linings though.  I have noticed that my skin has started to clear up.  What was once a canvas for some hardcore chin acne is now starting to just be a chin.  The one upside to acne was getting carded more, but since I’m not buying booze this month I will not even miss that perk.  I also am down 3 pounds.  Not anything special, but it is something and I think that it is a pretty impressive  weight loss considering my workouts have been lacking over the last several weeks.

Today was a rough day for me.  I was questioning if the past 9 days have been worth it.  Should I stick it out for the month?  When will will my cravings subside?  Will this little experiment actually save money?  Should I just say “to hell with it” and go to McDonald’s and get a cheeseburger then go to the gas station and buy a tall boy?

As I was pondering all of these questions while eating my lunch (a mediocre salad) something happened.  A very small something happened.  Some may even call it a “sign”.  I looked down and a kernel of hope looked up at me and smiled.


Some may find this corny but I felt like this little kernel was cheering me on to keep up with this whole “healthy eating” thing and continue my fast food fast!