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So the first week of my new 30 day challenge “YESVEMBER” has come to a close.  Here is a link to the post if you haven’t read it describing what YESVEMBER is all about:


The first week proved to be challenging, but that is why it is called a challenge, right?  Now I could make this post about how amazing my family and friends are or how blessed I am to have a roof over my head, food in my belly (err…I mean totally toned abs), and clothes on my back, but that would be too easy.  I really want to make this month of “Yes” be more about finding blessings in the not so obvious places.  These are the things I am grateful for in week 1 of YESVEMBER:

  • Yellow lights.  Hello you glorious little beams of hope.  I normally don’t give a second thought to yellow lights while I am sailing through them.  Yellow lights rock.  I actually hit quite a few of them on a regular basis which I only noticed this week.  The green and red lights may get all the glory (we all played “Red Light/Green Light” as a kid), but yellow lights are really the unsung heroes of our daily commutes.
  • Some unexpected juju.  On Halloween we welcomed a newly adopted dog, Ju Ju, into the family.  He is around 6 or 7…or 8 (not really sure) and this will be his third and final home.  We don’t know a lot about his past but we heard that his first owner neglected him.  Regardless of his history, he is the sweetest dog just filled with so much love and he is a perfect addition to the family.
  • Exercising my right to vote.  On Tuesday night, after a long day at work, bank errands and grocery shopping I just wanted to get home, plop down on the couch and get my “Lost” on y’all (I am on season 5 now and it is getting sooooooooo good).  As soon as I got in the door P reminded me that we needed to head down to vote.  Uggggggh.  Getting back in the car was the last think I wanted to do.  However, since this is the month of “yes” I went.  In our town (although small) P and I were 2 out of 37 people that voted.  37!  It was sad that only 37 people voted but it did feel good to be 1 of those  37 votes that were counted.

Well week 1 is over and week 2 is here and I am ready for everything it throws at me and take it all with a positive attitude.

Hope you all have a great week 2 as well!