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Three things I want this January 2014!

If you are one of my regular and faithful readers, you know that this girl is on a very strict budget for 2014.  If you are new to this blog…well howdy…and just to let you know:  I am on a very strict budget for 2014.  With that being stated, a girl can still look and romanticize about a few items she would buy if she weren’t on that strict aforementioned budget.  Here are three things I WANT this month.

1. A crazy cat lady shirt.

I want this shirt!  Who doesn’t love a shirt that is hilariously quirky?  Not to mention a conversation starter with other lovers of felines.

2.  Sad Keanu action figure.

This just makes me happy.  What began as a paparazzi photo of Mr. Reeves in a thoughtful moment at the park has turned into an action figure.  His action figure does such diverse things like sitting in your car and sitting on your kitchen table and even sitting on your desk.  Maybe someday I can splurge on a sad Keanu of my very own.

3.  An inappropriately delicious game!

Special thanks to my brother Mike and his lovely girlfriend Emily for bringing this game to the table (literally) for Christmas Eve festivities.  The best way to describe this game is that it is a very dirty and perverted version of Apples to Apples.  Our family had so much fun being dirty that we went through all of the cards in one sitting.  Highly recommend it to anyone out there who has no issue sinning and then laughing about it.

Those are my three things that I want this month (but I am not allowing myself to buy).  I did provide the links if any of you are interested in getting them for yourself or someone else.  Maybe a blogger who has a birthday in a few months.  Just sayin.

Thanks for reading!

A cat T-shirtless, sad Keanuless, and cards against humanityless Ang

My Big Proclamation!

When I started this little blog over a year ago, I did it with the intention of documenting my journey (I hate how overused the word “journey” is but love the band of the same name) of getting out of debt.  My debt has gone down, but very slowly.  Truth time:  My credit card debt is around the $10,000.00 mark, which is less than it was this time last year but still a vomit inducing number.  With that being typed, I’m going to excuse myself and use the bathroom.

Alrighty, i am back!  I’m just going to put myself out there and make one hell of a proclamation:


Now is the hard part.  How in the hell am I going to crawl out from under a five figure amount of credit card debt?  Well that is what this blog is going to really focus on this year:  My journey (cringe) of credit card debt freedom.  Sure there will be a blog about my cat here or there and mentions of various horrendously delicious reality shows mainly featured on Bravo, but for the most part this blog is going to be about a girl. Just a girl standing in front of her bank statement, asking it to love her.

Hope you all join me on my…oh for the love of God…journey!

Thanks for stopping by,


Life’s Jarring Moments

So I must begin this post by stating that this is not an original idea of mine by any means but it is simple, fun and most importantly FREE! Towards the end of 2012, a facebook friend of mine posted this idea from pinterest and I saw it and thought to myself “That is a fantabulous idea and I will do it for 2013”.  Then something tragic (and by “tragic” I mean “typical”) happened:  2013 came and went and I didn’t do it.  However, redemption came in the form of 2014, a new year full of opportunities to do all of the things I procrastinated at doing in 2013.  With all of that being stated and without further ado, I would like to present to you the idea that is now  a reality (I wish there was a way to accurately type  drum roll sounds):



So the idea is simple.  Put all of your memorable moments of the year on a slip of paper and stick it in the jar (if you don’t have a jar use a vase, or a glass, or just about anything that you can stick things in).  At the end of the year you open the jar, vase, glass, or stick things in thing and relive all of the best/funniest/memorable moments of 2014.  You can use your jar to help write your Christmas letter or just bust it out New Year’s Eve and read them all with a bottle…errrr…glass of wine.  Maybe at the end of the year you can read them then light them on fire as a symbolic “Out with the old, in with the new” gesture.

Obviously you see my 2014 Good Times Jar in the picture above.  Why name it that?  The answer is simple, I had a sticker that said “Good Times” on it that fit the size of the jar.  I am using my jar to celebrate all things memorable in 2014 (focusing on the funny and positive) and happy to announce that I am sticking my first piece of paper in there with today’s date.

IMAG0454_1 (1)

Yes, it’s true.  I flashed my entire office.  My pants caught on my car door this morning and I thought I heard a rip.  Upon inspection with my hand I noticed that it was just a simple button popping off of the back, and went about my merry 30 minute commute.  At the start of my shift I was up and walking around the entire office doing a little bit of this and that (side note:  working in the “this and that” business is pretty awesome).  It seemed a little drafty, but our office is always cold in the mornings.  About 45 minutes into the day, a co-worker summoned me to her desk and asked if my pants had a rip in the butt.  I reached back and my blue granny panties and a hint of cellulite touched my hand.  My butt was completely hanging out of my pants!!!!  She ended it on a high note by saying “At least you are wearing underwear”.  Ugggggghhhhh.  Thank you baby Jesus I had my gym bag in the car with some long yoga pants that I could change into!

Despite the humiliation,  I am proud to document that January 9, 2014, I survived exposing my undies to a very cool breeze and some concerned onlookers (the plus side is that at least I don’t work with the public).

Thank you again for spending your time reading this little blog of mine and maybe you will join me in life’s “jar“ring moments of 2014!


Howdy all and HAPPY 2014!

Every new year brings one sure thing:  broken resolutions!  In the past few weeks I have asked several members of my family and friends what their 2014 resolutions are and the most common response was “I don’t make resolutions because I just break them anyway.”  Haven’t we all.  So let’s just rid ourselves of those pesky “resolutions” and make 2014 a great year! Simple.  Sweet.  To the point.

Whether it is treasuring the small things in life, finding love, losing weight, or making a career change, let’s just make a plan and do it.  No matter what 2014 throws at us there are two factors that we can always*  control that can make or break this year:  our actions and our attitude.  I am definitely going to try my best to make my actions and attitude positive ones this year.  First step: Don’t eat the Butterfingers in the cupboard that are currently tempting the crap out of me.

Thanks for reading my first post of the new year and feel free to comment below and share what your goals for 2014 are.


*with the exception of women during “that time of the month”