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Martin Lawrence Randomness

You know how sometimes someone pops into your head that you haven’t thought about in ages?  Then you can’t stop thinking about them and it starts driving you crazy?!

Well that person for me today was Martin Lawrence.  When I was a kid, I was obsessed with his show aptly titled “Martin”.   Today I have been asking everyone I have crossed paths with (all 6 of them) if they used to watch “Martin” too but kept getting the same response of


Not sure why Mr. Lawrence popped in my head today, but now I am staying up past my bedtime watching old clips of his show on youtube.  Am I crazy or does anyone else remember this hilarious show and Shanaynay and all of the Damn, Ginas?  Anyone?



My Wednesday

The-Office-GIFs-the-office-31947248-500-282Went to work and worked it!

Worked it out during my workout!


Walked the dogs but really the dogs walked me.

Worked my magic in the kitchen with a delicious  edible dinner (but what woman doesn’t set the fire alarm off and burns her hand while preparing a meal).


Writing this blog!

My Wednesday was pretty superb, how about yours?



Frugoal Fumbles

Sometimes one not look far (does that make sense, I have had two glasses of wine tonight)…let me start over.  Sometimes, one need not look far (yes I needed the need) for inspiration for one’s blog.

This blog was brought to you by two of my friends.

The first friend, let’s call her “Trish” said one of the most shocking things I have ever heard uttered by another human being in my 33 years of life.  During lunch in the breakroom she shared the fact that she had spent $15.00 on FIVE apples!!!!!!!!!!!!!  54167091Say what?  If my basic math skills are still correct after two glasses of wine that means that she spent  $3.00 on an apple.  In my humble opinion, no apple is worth that money, just ask Eve of the infamous Adam and Eve.  Look at all of the trouble that a woman went through for a FREE apple!  “Trish”, unless that apple has some nice jewelry  hanging off the stem, there is no way that any apple is THAT good to justify spending that kind of money.

Don’t worry “Trish”, you weren’t the only frugoal fumble of the day.  You share the award with my second friend who we shall call “Alexis”.  Now tonight I took “Alexis” out for a birthday dinner with another one of our friends, let’s call her “Monica”.  The three of us had a lovely meal accompanied by nice conversation but things turned sour real quick when the waitress came over and offered “Alexis” a free dessert called the moon unit (a brownie topped with vanilla ice cream).  disgusted010“Alexis” quickly refused the FREE dessert with a look of disgust and didn’t even ask “Monica” or “me”” (I guess I don’t need to do the quotes around my name) if we would want it.  If she would have asked us I would have said “Hell yes, what woman doesn’t want a big creamy unit in her mouth?”  But she didn’t ask at all.  It was her birthday and she was making it all about her.  How dare you “Alexis”, how dare you.

Both “Trish” and “Alexis” are avid readers of this blog, so I’m sorry ladies.  Somewhere along the way, I must have let you both down.  Keep reading and I will try to do better in the future.


Sunday Quotes: Happy Thoughts

It becomes more apparent with age that happiness is a state of mind.  Thinking positive thoughts makes for more positive outcomes.  Going into the next week I am going to try to extinguish any negative thoughts that enter my mind and replace them with thoughts filled with all things happy!

Hope your next week is also filled with thoughts of positivity.


Chasing The Zzzzzzs

Throughout my life I have suffered with bouts of insomnia.  It seems to come on the most when the seasons change.  Fall is fast approaching and my hourly sleep count is clocking in at around 4-5 hours a night…not healthy.  Looking for tips to help me sleep.  Help!!!  I did find this little visual online so I may try a few of these.



Looks like I need to work on numbers 2, 3, 4, 7, 8 and 9…or just chug a bottle of wine before bed every night.

May you all get a better night’s sleep than I will.


Panic over paychecks

P started his new job this week.  With the job change, he now only gets paid once (vs. every two weeks at his old job) at the end of each month.  I also have a job where I get paid at the end of each month.  Even though our monthly income remains the same, we now have to really budget our money since it is all coming in at one time.

Panic sets in.




5 things I LOVE that are FREE!

No matter where you are at financially, there are free things aplenty in your life that bring you joy.

Here is my list of not 1, not 2…but 5 things I currently love that are FREE!

  1. Yoga cat 003Yoga.  Who knew that concentrating on something as simple as breathing could make you feel so good.
  2. Snuggles from my kitty.  He makes me feel like being a crazy cat lady isn’t that crazy after all.
  3. Candy Crush.  I am on level 167 without spending a penny.  I am always tempted to pay $0.99 and click the “play on” button but this girl has willpower (even if it means spending another couple of weeks on beating level 167).Funniest_Memes_that-moment-when-you-beat-the-candy-crush_18484
  4. Banter.  I prefer the witty, clever and racy variety, but ultimately any banter will do.
  5. Getting feedback on this blog.  Nothing makes me happier than knowing someone took time out of their day to read my lil ol’ blog.  I don’t just like it.  I LOVE IT!

So that is my list, what is yours?  Shoot me a comment below, and don’t forget to “like” my page (they have no “love” button option yet, sorry) on facebook.


Why are people such A**holes?!: A rant

I am very fortunate in the fact that there are very few BAD days in my life.  I am blessed for the most part, but when I do have a bad day or even a bad moment, I know that I can come here and write and rant all about it.

Today’s topic:  Why Are People Such Assholes?:  The Parking Lot Edition.

Yesterday while dropping some major “benjamins”  on P’s new work clothes we came across this sight:


Your eyes are not deceiving you.  The driver of the gray SUV created his own parking spot by thinking outside the lines and pinning the middle car in.

If the driver was a senior citizen, I could let it pass, but as P and I left the mall we saw the culprits.  The offenders were two women in their 40s looking perplexed as to why a ticket was plastered to their windshield.

Then today as I left the gym I noticed a young girl (I would put her in her early 20s) in the car next to mine parked thisclose to my driver’s side door.  the-bad-parkingAt first I thought she was about to leave so I waited.  Then I noticed she was only fixing her hair (I guess this girl didn’t get the memo that you are supposed to look like shit at the gym).  I then looked at her and said (in what I thought was an adorable  and joking tone, but it probably came out  a little bitchy along with some fire-breathing effects) “I can’t get into my car”.  She looked at me for a second, then…wait for it.  ROLLED. UP. THE. WINDOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  She then continued to play with her hair (because appartently that is what people do with IQs between the range of “I don’t give a shit” and “my parents didn’t beat me enough as a child”.  I had to shimmy my way through the passenger side door (good motivation to stay in shape I guess) and I drove home pissed.  What else could I have done?  I couldn’t force her to move her car. If I would have called 911, they would have called me overdramatic and there is no gym parking lot police…but maybe there should be…maybe there should be…

So what is it with people and parking.  Granted, in the examples above the “people” are women, but I am a woman and I park divinely.   Why are people such assholes?  Does anyone have an answer to this age old question, or do women just park like shit?  I want to know.

Thanks for listening, you guys are much cheaper than a therapist and I feel a lot better after getting that off my B cup sized chest!


I also would like to thank everyone who has “liked” my facebook page (I know that none of you are assholes and you all are parking champs).